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From: $561.85
PID: 30270
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Taylor Made SLDR Iron Sets Details

All players who want the best of both worlds - a traditionally shaped and sized iron that also has modern performance technology that enhances distance, launch angle and forgiveness.

The SLDR iron is ideal for players who want the eye-appeal and responsiveness of a classically shaped iron with as well as modern performance technology that promotes higher and longer shots.

When we say classic looking we mean a simple, triangular shape, not too big, with a thin topline, thin sole and beautiful chrome finish. Many golfers find this look appealing, but don't feel like they have the skill for such an iron. The SLDR iron has changed that - its new, ThruSlot Speed Pocket helps you launch the ball with more speed and with a higher launch angle than you could with a past player's iron. The high flight promotes a steep descent angle for quick stops on the green. We've never made an iron like this that goes this far and feels so good. And it's all thanks to careful calibration of the Speed Pocket's design as well as the discreetly positioned badge on the back that absorbs unwanted vibration.

Any player who loves the look and performance of a classic player's iron, including those who've admired them from afar but convinced themselves they don't have the skill to put them in their bag, will love the new SLDR iron and its extraordinary of beauty and distance-enhancing performance.

  • New and improved Speed Pocket with ThruSlot Technology
  • ThruSlot technology promotes fast speed and high launch across the face
  • Modern-classic blended shape, slim topline and thinner sole for superb look and playability
  • Complex vibration-dampening system delivers Tour-caliber sound and feel
  • Consistent gapping and precise distance control throughout the set
  • NEW KBS Tour C-Taper 90 designed to promote high launch and spin control

Taylor Made SLDR Iron Sets Specifications

TaylorMade SLDR Irons Specifications
Club 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW AW SW
Loft 19° 21° 24° 28° 32° 36° 41° 46° 51° 56°
Lie 60.5 61.0 61.5 62.0 62.5 63.0 63.5 64.0 64.0 64.0
Offset 4.90 4.40 3.90 3.40 3.00 2.60 2.30 2.00 1.60 1.00
Bounce 0 0.5 1.5 2.5 3.5 4.5 5.5 7 8 8
Length 38.75" 38.25" 37.75" 37.25" 36.75" 36.25" 35.75" 35.5" 35.5" 35.25"
Swing Weight D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2 D2.5 D2.5 D4.5/D5

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Taylor Made SLDR Iron Sets Variations

LeftGraphiteRegular3-PWSpecial Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
LeftSteelRegular3-PWPre-Order$ 899.00Add To Cart
RightGraphiteRegular3-PWOn Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
RightSteelRegular3-PWOn Order$ 899.00Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteRegular4-PWPre-Order$ 874.16Add To Cart
LeftSteelRegular4-PWPre-Order$ 786.59Add To Cart
RightGraphiteRegular4-PWOn Order$ 874.16Add To Cart
RightSteelRegular4-PWIn Stock$ 786.59Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteRegular4-PW, AWPre-Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
LeftSteelRegular4-PW, AWPre-Order$ 899.00Add To Cart
RightGraphiteRegular4-PW, AWIn Stock$ 999.00Add To Cart
RightSteelRegular4-PW, AWIn Stock$ 899.00Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteRegular4-PW, SWPre-Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
LeftSteelRegular4-PW, SWPre-Order$ 899.00Add To Cart
RightGraphiteRegular4-PW, SWOn Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
RightSteelRegular4-PW, SWIn Stock$ 899.00Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteRegular5-PWPre-Order$ 749.28Add To Cart
LeftSteelRegular5-PWPre-Order$ 674.22Add To Cart
RightGraphiteRegular5-PWOn Order$ 749.28Add To Cart
RightSteelRegular5-PWPre-Order$ 674.22Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteRegular5-PW, AW, SWPre-Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
LeftSteelRegular5-PW, AW, SWPre-Order$ 899.00Add To Cart
RightGraphiteRegular5-PW, AW, SWOn Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
RightSteelRegular5-PW, AW, SWOn Order$ 899.00Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteRegular5-PW, SWPre-Order$ 874.16Add To Cart
LeftSteelRegular5-PW, SWPre-Order$ 786.59Add To Cart
RightGraphiteRegular5-PW, SWOn Order$ 874.16Add To Cart
RightSteelRegular5-PW, SWOn Order$ 786.59Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteRegular6-PWPre-Order$ 624.40Add To Cart
LeftSteelRegular6-PWPre-Order$ 561.85Add To Cart
RightGraphiteRegular6-PWOn Order$ 624.40Add To Cart
RightSteelRegular6-PWIn Stock$ 561.85Add To Cart
RightGraphiteRegular6-PW, SWOn Order$ 749.28Add To Cart
RightSteelRegular6-PW, SWOn Order$ 674.22Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteStiff3-PWSpecial Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
LeftSteelStiff3-PWPre-Order$ 899.00Add To Cart
RightGraphiteStiff3-PWOn Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
RightSteelStiff3-PWIn Stock$ 899.00Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteStiff4-PWPre-Order$ 874.16Add To Cart
LeftSteelStiff4-PWPre-Order$ 786.59Add To Cart
RightGraphiteStiff4-PWPre-Order$ 874.16Add To Cart
RightSteelStiff4-PWOn Order$ 786.59Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteStiff4-PW, AWPre-Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
LeftSteelStiff4-PW, AWPre-Order$ 899.00Add To Cart
RightGraphiteStiff4-PW, AWPre-Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
RightSteelStiff4-PW, AWIn Stock$ 899.00Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteStiff4-PW, SWPre-Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
LeftSteelStiff4-PW, SWPre-Order$ 899.00Add To Cart
RightGraphiteStiff4-PW, SWOn Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
RightSteelStiff4-PW, SWIn Stock$ 899.00Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteStiff5-PWPre-Order$ 749.28Add To Cart
LeftSteelStiff5-PWPre-Order$ 674.22Add To Cart
RightGraphiteStiff5-PWOn Order$ 749.28Add To Cart
RightSteelStiff5-PWOn Order$ 674.22Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteStiff5-PW, AW, SWPre-Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
LeftSteelStiff5-PW, AW, SWPre-Order$ 899.00Add To Cart
RightGraphiteStiff5-PW, AW, SWOn Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
RightSteelStiff5-PW, AW, SWOn Order$ 899.00Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteStiff5-PW, SWPre-Order$ 874.16Add To Cart
LeftSteelStiff5-PW, SWPre-Order$ 786.59Add To Cart
RightGraphiteStiff5-PW, SWOn Order$ 874.16Add To Cart
RightSteelStiff5-PW, SWOn Order$ 786.59Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteStiff6-PWPre-Order$ 624.40Add To Cart
LeftSteelStiff6-PWPre-Order$ 561.85Add To Cart
RightGraphiteStiff6-PWOn Order$ 624.40Add To Cart
RightSteelStiff6-PWOn Order$ 561.85Add To Cart
RightGraphiteStiff6-PW, SWOn Order$ 749.28Add To Cart
RightSteelStiff6-PW, SWOn Order$ 674.22Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteSenior3-PWSpecial Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
RightGraphiteSenior3-PWOn Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteSenior4-PWPre-Order$ 874.16Add To Cart
RightGraphiteSenior4-PWPre-Order$ 874.16Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteSenior4-PW, AWPre-Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
RightGraphiteSenior4-PW, AWPre-Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteSenior4-PW, SWPre-Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
RightGraphiteSenior4-PW, SWOn Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteSenior5-PWPre-Order$ 749.28Add To Cart
RightGraphiteSenior5-PWOn Order$ 749.28Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteSenior5-PW, AW, SWPre-Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
RightGraphiteSenior5-PW, AW, SWOn Order$ 999.00Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteSenior5-PW, SWPre-Order$ 874.16Add To Cart
RightGraphiteSenior5-PW, SWOn Order$ 874.16Add To Cart
LeftGraphiteSenior6-PWPre-Order$ 624.40Add To Cart
RightGraphiteSenior6-PWIn Stock$ 624.40Add To Cart
RightGraphiteSenior6-PW, SWOn Order$ 749.28Add To Cart

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