By The Modern Golfer
October 23, 2009

SkyGolf®, makers of SkyCaddie®, the #1 rangefinder in golf, have released an update: software version 3.0, also known as the Course & Feature Expansion Package, which includes new features QuickVue™, IntelliGreen® Pro (beta) and HoleVue™ (beta). The New features, available to users of SkyCaddie SG3.5 and SkyCaddie SG5 via software update, provide even greater accuracy and precision while giving more control to the golfer. The update puts professional caddie-level information in your hand with the tools and automation to make golfing better quick and easy.

SG3.5 and SG5 GPS Rangefinder Units

The SkyGolf SkyCaddie SG3.5 and SG5 handheld GPS units are premium golf tools designed to maximize performance through better choices. By giving the golfer exact information on distance and layout, better choices will be made regarding club choice and shot planning, ultimately resulting in better scores, less frustration and faster rates of play.

The SG3.5 and SG5 feature vivid, full-color LCD screens and large rubberized buttons for easy use. The units use the latest GPS technology and provide access to course libraries exceeding 24,000 golf courses! The SG3.5 uses convenient AAA batteries and the SG5 uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, but both offer a full suite of course tools like digital scorecards, ball marking, distance information, course layout imagery and much more.


QuickVue provides a virtual preview of the safest path from the tee to green. With a single glance, golfers know:

  • the exact green shape with IntelliGreen
  • the total distance from tee to the green
  • the shape of the golf hole
  • the distance and direction to the perfect fairway position
  • the distance remaining from that position for the approach shot to the green.

All information is derived from SkyCaddie’s exclusive TrueGround mapping technology to provide golfer’s with the highest reliability in the industry. QuickVue is available immediately on over 24,000 courses worldwide on SkyCaddie devices supporting this powerful new feature. Unlike most rangefinders relying on satellite imagery that is often outdated and unreliable, SkyCaddie courses are mapped from the ground with survey-grade GPS equipment. QuickVue, powered by TrueGround mapping, is now accessible to SkyCaddie members owning an SG3.5 or SG5 with software version 3.0, also known as the Course & Feature Expansion Package. Note: QuickVue is available for SkyCaddie SG3, SG3.5, SG4 and SG5 models. QuickVue is not available for par 3 holes. QuickVue is not available on courses that include HoleVue.

IntelliGreen Pro (beta release)

IntelliGreen Pro allows you to plan your approach shots with the same critical information and precision used by PGA Tour players!SkyGolf SkyCaddie QuickVue, IntelliGreen Pro and HoleVue software updates for SG3.5 and SG5 GPS units. Many greens have elevation changes — upper levels, lower levels, mounds and false fronts – that go undetected by traditional laser rangefinders, do not show up on aerial photography and cannot be seen visually from the golfer’s approach position. With SkyCaddie’s exclusive ground-mapping technology, you’ll know the distances to those parts of the green in order to “dial in” your shots. IntelliGreen Pro (Beta) is a dynamically-enhanced version of IntelliGreen that adds the ability to display:

  • major tiers
  • contours
  • false fronts
  • mounds

By simply moving the IntelliGreen crosshairs to the ridge lines on the screen, you’ll get instant distances and depth information to major tiers. A Beta release of IntelliGreen Pro is now accessible to SkyCaddie members with software version 3.0, also known as the Course & Feature Expansion Package. A limited number of SkyCourses with this new feature are currently available for use, during this Beta testing period. Note: Not all greens and not all courses have noteworthy major green contours to require this feature, and in conformance with USGA regulations, SkyCaddie does not factor slopes or gradients into distance calculations. 

HoleVue (beta)

HoleVue may look like an ordinary golf hole graphic at first glance, but every target on HoleVue has been verified by SkyGolf’s ground mapping, making it the most accurate and reliable golf hole graphical view in handheld GPS. Unlike most rangefinders, which rely on satellite imagery that is often outdated and unreliable, only SkyCaddie walks the course to capture accurate and verifiable data with the permission of over 24,000 participating golf course partners. Although a satellite image may be able to provide an accurate distance measurement on occasion, the problem is that there is no way to authenticate or certify its accuracy without walking the course. In creating HoleVue, SkyGolf marries the very best aerial images with its proprietary ground maps to verify and authenticate every graphic.

By verifying every fairway, bunker and green target, HoleVue allows you to view key areas of the hole, zoom in on every target, and get a closer look at the course and what’s up ahead! All distance calculations are provided exclusively from TrueGround mapping of each hole and target, not from graphic images taken from satellites or flyovers. HoleVue will be available in limited quantities initially, but those quantities will grow rapidly as the hole images are corrected and rectified through our TrueGround mapping process. A Beta release of HoleVue is now accessible to SkyCaddie members with software version 3.0, also known as the Course & Feature Expansion Package. Note: HoleVue is only available for SkyCaddie SG3.5 and SG5 models.

GPS for Golf

GPS handheld rangefinder units have revolutionized golf by giving every golfer the ability to access information previously available only to professional caddies, Tour players and those lucky enough to walk their favorite courses with mapping instruments. SkyGolf SkyCaddie GPS units combine superior hardware with cutting-edge software and course mapping to provide the ultimate golf GPS package. No other brand offers human-walked course mapping, and with the new software update you will have the absolute best and most powerful software available for GPS units.

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14 Responses to “SkyGolf Software Update for SkyCaddie SG3.5, SkyCaddie SG5”

  1. Deiska Says:

    Does the golf course software come with the SkyCaddie SG3.5 and SG5? Do you have to pay for it? Please explain the process once the SkyCaddie is purchased.

  2. The Modern Golfer Says:

    According the SkyGolf website:

    After you create an account and register your SkyCaddie, you can select from among Membership Plans. Depending on the plan you choose, you can access over 24,000 professionally-mapped courses around the world. Choose the plan that is best for you. Then download courses to your SkyCaddie:

    –Birdie – Unlimited Courses within your state. If you play golf at only your home course and never travel out of state or out of the country, this is a good plan for you.

    –Eagle – Unlimited Courses within your country. If you live near state line and expect to play golf in a neighboring state from time to time or even across the country (but never out of the country), this is good plan for you.

    –Double Eagle – Unlimited Courses Worldwide. If you want unrestricted access to our SkyCourse Library, get the Double Eagle Plan and be ready to play anytime.

    –”Play 36″ 3-Year Unlimited Worldwide. This is our best value. Play 36 offers the same benefits as our Double Eagle plan with a continuous 36-month membership with a savings of $50 over 3 years. (See PLANS page on SkyGolf website for more details.)

    –Register Only option. Register Only does not give you access to professionally-mapped courses, but you can map your own.

    The managed plans do cost money. But the cost is a one-time payment per year (renewed annually). The money allows the golfer access to thousands of human-mapped courses and the best golf GPS software available. It also provides access to updates — both software and courses — as they’re released.

  3. Richard Says:

    I purchased the SkyCaddie 3.5 and paid $29.95 for the Birdie plan. It took two tries to link with my computer the first use. After that it worked just fine. The downloads are fast and the unit is very accurate. I am a new golfer, so knowing the distance to traps, water hazards, and course turns are a great help. I still haven’t broke one-hundred yet, but I did get 5 pars today. Two of those were almost birdies by an inch. My eyesight doesn’t allow me to judge distance very well, but that doesn’t matter with the SkyCaddie. I kinda wish I had purchased the 5.0 model now. At the time I had no idea how great of help GPS would be. I have dropped at least 20 strokes since I started using the SkyCaddie.

  4. The Modern Golfer Says:


    Thanks for sharing your story — and congrats on lowering your score! GPS units are a huge hit with golfers and we’re glad you’re enjoying the product.

  5. Vernon J Freeman Says:

    Several months ago I purchased a SkyCaddie SG2. How do I register and activate it? Thank you.

  6. The Modern Golfer Says:

    Mr. Freeman:

    After purchasing your SG2 you need to register your golf GPS unit and activate CaddieSync software. Here is the link:

    Hope this helps!

  7. Maureen Says:

    Before I buy this product, I want to know if the course I play at is included?

    Southward Ho Country Club, Bay Shore, NY.

    There is not point buying it if my course is not on your software.

    Please respond.

  8. Modern Golfer Says:


    I’m happy to respond.

    This is not “our” software — it is actually a product we sell that is produced by SkyGolf and sold with SkyCaddie GPS units. On the manufacturer’s website there is a place to search for golf courses and see what features are supported.

    You can find the available courses by using this link:

    Unfortunately it looks like the course you want is currently unavailable. But SkyGolf is actively mapping courses all over the country, so hopefully yours will be coming soon!

  9. Kenneth Hulme Says:

    I am considering buying the SG3.5 and as this is a replaceable/disposable battery model I was wondering what happens to stored courses and data when the batteries need replacing?

  10. Modern Golfer Says:


    The information is not lost when you change batteries. Like any modern digital device, make sure to save changes and check battery/power status before doing important things like playing, updating, etc. Your courses are also available online through your account with SkyGolf should something happen to your unit. As always you can call in and talk with one of our specialists at 1-866-411-4349.

  11. Ron Says:

    My SG5 has software 1.0. I paid almost $400 for my unit. I understand that the current units have 3.0 and can get HoleVue. How do I get that version for mine?

  12. The Modern Golfer Says:

    Ron (11):

    I would recommend calling SkyGolf directly at 1-866-SKYGOLF. On the SkyGolf website they also have free live chats.

    The SkyGolf representatives handle upgrades and will be able to give you the best and fastest help.

  13. Jim Jaspring Says:

    I am unable to get my Sky Caddie to Sync up to add a course. Is there something you can do to help?

  14. Modern Golfer Says:

    Jim (13):

    Here is a link to SkyCaddie FAQ:

    They also have a phone support number listed: 1-866-SKYGOLF.

    There is a section called “CaddieSync Information” that might be useful for you. It’s best to contact the manufacturer since they have the latest information and authority to work with your account information.


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